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Custom Plate Order Information

1.What type of plate?

Box, Tangent, Mac Components or Mitchell Plate?


Mitchell Plates Come In Micro, Junior, Expert, Expert/Cruiser, Pro and Pro XL


Box, Tangent, THE, Mac and Answer are Skins Only.

2. District, State, NAG etc. ?

3. Number and Class?

4. Sponsors?

5. Design Your looking for?

6. Colors you would like to use

7. Mitchell Racing Side Plates Are Now Available!


Standard Pricing:


Mitchell Racing Plates $25

Mitchell Racing Side Plates: $18

Box,Tangent and Mac Isert Decals: $20

Box,Tangent and Insight Side Plate Insert Decals: $12

Pricing for Mitchell Plates Includes:  Artwork,Plate and Full Velcro Kit.

Pricing for Insert Decals Includes: Artwork and Decal.

Team and Quantity Discounts May Apply.

Invoice will be sent after the artwork proof is approved.

All Orders Pay Priority Shipping.

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